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Introducing Wuhan University

time:2020-01-05    reading:

          Wuhan University is in Wuhan, Hubei. It is one of the most prestigious and selective universities in China, which has been selected as a Chinese Ministry of Education Class A Double First Class University. It was one of the four elite universities in the republican period and also one of the oldest universities in China. In 1948, University of Oxford in the United Kingdom wrote to the Ministry of Education in China, confirming that undergraduate students at Wuhan University with degrees in liberal art and science, who had an average grade above 80 would be awarded "the senior status of Oxford. Wuhan university is located at Luojia Hill, with palatial buildings blending Chinese and Western styles. It is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful campuses in China.

         Wuhan University has been perennially ranked among the top-tier universities in China. Nationally, it was ranked fourth in 2016 and third in 2017 due to its academic excellence. The university has many well-known research fields such as social and human science, remote sensing, surveying engineering, and hydraulic engineering which have been in the leading positions for decades. It is administered by the Ministry of Education of China and was selected by both Project 985 and Project 211 as a major receiver of state funding. [Link to wiki]